Our own alpacas' 100% Scottish pure alpaca yarns are undyed and are grown by named alpacas ! Alpaca yarn is strong, soft, lightweight and "hypoallergenic". The yarn comes in 100g balls and is perfect for knitting, weaving, crochet or any other yarn craft.
The alpacas grow their fleeces throughout the year and they are then carefully sheared in early Summer. The fleeces are painstakingly checked by hand before being taken to The Border Mill in Duns to be spun into beautiful yarns. 
Care instructions are on each ball band.
NOTE : Each yarn carries a "m/100g" number. This refers to the fineness of the yarn - finer yarn has a higher number. Generally, you will use yarns with a similar number in a project. 
Jura - Creamy White - 170m/100g
Orla - Creamy White - 170m/100g
Logie - Caramel - 170m/100g
Maud- Chocolate Brown - 180m/100g
Munro - Black - 170m/100g
Orca - Dark Grey - 170m/100g

Auld Mill Alpacas Yarn - DK